A family-run business with over 30 years’ experience of serving your needs


For more than 30 years, we have been running a sports photography agency with a focus on equestrian sport and horse photography. We have in our archives all the documents and programmes from all the events we have photographed. We have maintained a separate database documenting all events, horses and riders since 1992. This ensures that each picture of a horse can be re-ordered even years later.

Our Team


It all started at Profoto in 1980. I used to photograph a variety of different sports ranging from motor sports, track-afield and marathons to triathlons. From the beginning, however, my main focus was always on horses.





Manager in all areas and, furthermore, responsible for food, drink, laundry, housekeeping, the children, our horse and the dog. Always busy so her husband can run the business.


Admittedly, he can rarely be put off the chase in his choice of motifs and subjects. No distance is too far, no driveway too steep. There is no groundskeeper able to stop him on any of the well-known riding centres in southern Germany.


At show-jumping tournaments he feels at home. Responsible for administration and website design.


Our Tobi, the unstoppable tinkerer, is always on the look-out for exceptional motifs. His motto: “One man's magic is another man's engineering”.


Our Sina is a self-taught portrait photographer who became self-employed in 2017 with Sina Spindler Photography.


When time allows, he helps out wherever help is needed, whether in photography, filming or sales.


She always works hard to view and sort our new pictures. She always serves our customers in a friendly manner.


He found his way to equestrian sports and photography through his daughter . He is always very reliable and dedicated and therefore a valuable addition to our team.