General Information


If you choose the "Instant download" option with your purchase the picture will be available for downloading immediately after receipt of payment.

You can conveniently pay by Paypal, direct debiting, credit card or instant transfer. The picture can be downloaded immediately after a successful transaction.


Downloading your pictures


To download your pictures we will send you a separate email with a download link. If you already have an existing customer account you can also switch to " my digital pictures":



Download your pictures here by clicking on " download".

The pictures are stored here and can, therefore, be downloaded again at a later time.


Format/ Quality of the pictures


We now also offer pictures with an edge length of 3600 and 1200 pixels. Pictures with 1200 pixel are particularly suited for social media posts or smaller prints (maximum 13x19cm).. For larger prints such as posters, canvases or high-resolution digital images we recommend pictures with 3600 pixels or the original picture depending on use.


Any questions?


Just send a short email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.